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Baby Touch

Although the value of touch and massage in adults has been known and used for a very long time, it is only since the 1970s that the value of infant massage has been recognised in Western society. In India, Asia, Africa and certain parts of Central and South America, however, women have been massaging their babies for centuries.Read More

Discipline the wise way

Discipline is all about raising confident, caring, compassionate, courageous and socially well-adjusted children through to young adulthood. Excessive stubbornness, tantrums and other unacceptable behaviour in toddlers and small children is all about a strong will developing, an excitable personality, the need for significant attention and noticing that a parent reacts very strongly to this behaviour. We should accept that little ones are by their very nature rather chaotic, curious, adventurous, untidy and given to clumsiness and delight at being grubby, and the sting will go out of many so-called ‘discipline’ crises.Read More

Growing the children

Often parents look back and laugh that they were ever unsure about when babies were ready to start solids and that they survived the whims of toddler taste buds. First time round, the what, when and how of the feeding game seem like mountains. More often than not, feeding little ones is a far easier task than one can imagine, if one would just allow it to be, says Sister Lilian.Read More

Mucus disease

Mucus membranes act like an ‘internal skin’ in the human body. They line all hollow organs and passages. It is their job to produce mucus, partially to keep the membranes moist and supple and partially to help entrap irritants. When foreign or allergenic substances affect membranes, they will produce more than normal amounts of mucus to help encapsulate these substances and work them to the outside, by sneezing or a runny nose, for instance.Read More

Sleep like a baby

Sleeping through the night is one of the most unrealistic expectations a parent can have of a small baby. Only about 30% of babies younger than six months might do so – many won’t. But with insight, compassion and down-to-earth advice, moms will cope well and be able to implement strategies that will greatly improve matters. Success hinges on understanding that very few babies have sleep ‘problems’ – and the same goes for most dads. Moms are usually the sleep-deprived ones, and strategies are aimed at helping her. Read More

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